Wood Rot Repair



Even the best of homes can be subject to damage from wood rot. The most common places for wood rot to appear are window trim, siding, door frames, facia boards, and other places that could potentially hold water. Wood rot can be caused by weather damage, water intrusion, lack of maintenance, the design of the house, not maintaining the caulked areas properly, and many other factors. Holes and rotten boards leave your home at risk for water intrusion, pest damage, and can impact the structural integrity of your home. Wood rot is common but still very important to be addressed to keep your home safe. 

How is it repaired?

Repairing wood rot is a case-by-case basis for getting your home protected and cosmetically appealing. 

Depending on the location and size of the decayed area, we will either patch or replace the affected area. If the area is not bad enough and only requires patching, we will pressure wash, patch (with either Bondo or Wood Filler), and sand the area so it's ready for paint. 

If replaced, we will take out the rotten boards, replace them with fresh wood, and caulk the area so it's ready for a fresh coat of paint.  

Whichever method is needed, we will have your house properly repaired.


What are some signs of wood rot?

  • Discolored wood
  • Spongy texture
  • Warped wood
  • Musty smell
  • Decayed wood

What causes wood rot?

  • Weather damage
  • Water intrusion
  • Pests creating holes
  • The design of the home not allowing proper water drainage
  • Caulked areas not maintained

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