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Are you looking for new ways to fireproof your home or business? At Tyler Hoffman Painting, we provide proven intumescent fireproofing in Tulsa, OK, that will add a protective layer and help keep your property safe. One call is all it takes for a free, no-obligation estimate to see if it’s right for you.

Adding a Layer of Protection to Your Structure

Intumescent fireproofing is a passive fire protection method that’s designed to slow down the spread of fire by expanding and forming a protective insulating layer when it’s exposed to heat. This fireproofing technique is commonly used in construction to enhance the fire resistance of structural elements, such as steel and wood, in buildings and other structures. And while it’s not an end-all solution to protect your structures from fire, it is an important step in the process.

Reasons to Work with Us

Working with our team of fireproofing specialists means you’ll never have to worry about poor customer service again. We make a point of going out of our way to make sure you’re satisfied, and we want to build trust, which is why we insist on being paid after the job is complete. Some additional benefits of working with us include:

Courteous painters who always show up on time
The highest quality paints and materials
Iron-clad 1 year workmanship warranty
Painters who are OSHA, Aerial Lift & CPR certified
Competitive, transparent pricing with no hidden fees

Intumescent Fireproofing Explained

There are several key features of intumescent fireproofing that make it effective. When exposed to the heat from a fire, intumescent materials have a chemical reaction that causes them to swell or expand, creating a thick, foam-like layer that serves as an insulating barrier. This helps protect the underlying structural elements from excessive temperatures and delays the point at which the structure of your building loses its integrity.

Intumescent coatings can be applied in a way that’s more compatible with the architectural design of a building, unlike bulkier fireproofing materials. We often use these materials to meet building code requirements and standards for fire safety.

Don’t Wait to Call Our Intumescent Fireproofing Contractors

The last thing any business owner or homeowner wants is to suffer the devastating effects of a fire, knowing they could have done something ahead of time to minimize the damage. The longer you wait to reach out to us to discuss intumescent fireproofing, the greater the risk of something happening that you will regret. Just like any form of insurance, it’s important to get all the fireproofing you can, and adding intumescent materials is a great place to start.

Increase Comfort and Peace of Mind

When you work with our professionals, you’ll feel taken care of right from the very first call, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way. It will feel easier for you to carry on with your daily routine and focus on more important things when you know your building is taken care of.

FAQs on Intumescent Fireproofing

If you have questions about our Intumescent Fireproofing Service, we’re happy to provide you with an answer. We’ve listed several common questions below, but if you don’t see yours on the list just reach out and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Intumescent fireproofing is a passive fire protection measure involving the application of a specialized coating to structural components, such as steel beams, columns, and even walls or ceilings.

This coating is designed to react when exposed to high temperatures, typically in the event of a fire.

When the intumescent material heats up, it undergoes a chemical reaction, causing it to expand significantly, up to many times its original thickness. This expansion results in the formation of a ‘char’ or ‘swell’ layer, which serves as an insulating barrier between the fire and the protected substrate. This char layer is poor in heat conductivity, effectively slowing down the transfer of heat to the structural element, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of the building components for a longer period.

The primary purpose of intumescent fireproofing is to delay the collapse of a structure, providing valuable time for the evacuation of occupants and for firefighting efforts to take place. The effectiveness of intumescent coatings in resisting fire is quantified in terms of fire-resistance ratings, indicating the duration the coating can withstand a standard fire test.

Intumescent fireproofing, when applied correctly and under ideal conditions, is designed for longevity and can last over 10 years.

Its lifespan can vary based on several factors. Environmental conditions play a significant role; exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, or corrosive elements can affect the coating’s durability. Regular inspections are recommended to ensure the coating maintains its integrity and functionality. It’s crucial to check for any signs of damage, cracking, or peeling, as these can compromise the protective barrier and reduce its effectiveness in the event of a fire.

The quality of the application process, including surface preparation and adherence to manufacturer guidelines, is essential for ensuring the longevity of the fireproofing. Some intumescent products are also available with protective topcoats to enhance their durability against environmental exposure. Maintenance, when needed, should be carried out promptly to repair any damage and preserve the coating’s protective properties.

Intumescent fireproofing is often required by law, especially in commercial, industrial, and certain residential buildings, to meet fire safety standards and codes.

The requirements for fireproofing, including the use of intumescent materials, are typically outlined in building codes and fire safety regulations, which can vary by jurisdiction, building type, and size.

These regulations are in place to ensure the structural integrity of buildings in the event of a fire, providing critical time for occupants to evacuate and for emergency services to respond. Intumescent fireproofing is particularly mandated for steel structures, as steel loses its load-bearing capacity at high temperatures, leading to structural collapse.

Compliance with these regulations is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial aspect of responsible building design and construction, prioritizing the safety and protection of occupants and assets. It’s essential for builders, architects, and property owners to consult local building codes and work with qualified professionals to ensure their structures meet all necessary fireproofing requirements.

Intumescent fireproofing is primarily designed for application on structural steel components, but it can also be applied to a variety of other surfaces, including certain types of wood and walls, provided the surface is properly prepared and the correct type of intumescent coating is used.

The effectiveness and suitability of intumescent fireproofing depend on the specific properties of the surface, the intended fire-resistance rating, and the environmental conditions to which the surface will be exposed.

For steel structures, intumescent coatings are widely used due to their effectiveness in insulating the steel from high temperatures, thereby preserving its structural integrity during a fire. On wood and other combustible materials, intumescent coatings can provide a protective char layer, slowing down the material’s ignition and burning rate.

Not all surfaces are suitable for intumescent coating, and improper application can lead to inadequate protection. It’s crucial to consult with a fire protection specialist and adhere to manufacturer guidelines to ensure the compatibility of the coating with the surface material, the quality of application, and the overall effectiveness of the fireproofing system.

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    Shaoxian N.
    Tyler and his crew did good job and put quality paint on my house. They always provide quality work and get job done right. Affordable price too. This is my second time use this company.
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    Could not have been more pleased by entire process. Painted both in/outside of two story house with hard working crew that did not stop working entire time on site. Was on the job within a week of finalizing contract and even called to see if they could start a day early as prior work completed. Never had contractor ask to start early! Hard working yet personable workers made this stressful operation a joy while finding and fixing errors of builder. On time, on budget and completed diligently is about all I could ask. Strong support for Tyler and his crew of three. Hate to sing praises too much as they may not be available when next job rolls around. Completely satisfied!
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    One Hundred percent recommend Tyler and his crew for any project. Punctual, professional, and perfect paint are a few words that come to mind. Made my house look new again.
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    Mr. Hoffman was very professional & considerate of my time. The team were punctual & polite to my wife in my absence. Very satisfied with his work. We have already booked his company to paint our exterior in the spring.
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    Sally M.
    Great team! I had my home exterior done.They let me know in advance when they were coming and stayed in close communication throughout to be sure of what I expected. They did a great job sealing up things with caulk. Some minor repair on my dormers was needed. Tyler sent me a video of an up close view of the damage, explaining what needed to be done. They did a beautiful job. The paint coating was excellent, and no overspray on anything. They cleaned up and were gone in the same day. I highly recommend Tyler Hoffman Painting. I plan on using them on my interior painting since I had such a good experience with them on my exterior.
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    Amazing crew! The whole process was the easiest thing we've done in awhile. Tyler encouraged us to take a leap on a color we wanted but were nervous about. It looks great! Stained our pergola & painted the exterior of our house for a price we were honestly surprised by and we did not pick cheap paint. Will call them & recommend them again and again.
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    I recently had to have a lot of house repairs & new wood installed so needed a good painter. I contacted Tyler and he returned my call within 5 minutes, which impressed me. He came by the same day and gave me a verbal estimate, and later that evening sent me an email with a detailed breakdown/price of the job. Once I gave the go ahead, he was out within a few days to start. He showed up at 7AM to get a sample of the color I wanted and was back within the hour to begin. He and his crew worked hard and efficiently all day long. When he left for the day he cleaned the yard up nicely and was promptly back the first thing the next morning to finish.Before the day was up my house exterior and a completely rebuilt shed in my back yard were shining with a new coat of paint.He did what he said he'd do and pointed out any issues he encountered along the way. At completion the charge was only slightly higher than his estimate, and that was entirely due to me as I changed my mind on some minor things after he had already painted them per my original request.His work was first class, he was prompt and courteous, cleaned up the job site spotlessly upon completion and left me with a great looking job.I would highly recommend Tyler and his crew to anybody needing a first class painter.
    These guys do great work and are affordable!
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    Tyler and his crew did a great job painting the exterior of my house! The job included power washing, and painting the exterior siding and trim. Tyler worked with my schedule when planning the job, and his crew was professional, efficient, and friendly. They did excellent work at a fair price, and when I'm ready to paint the interior, I'll be calling Tyler again for sure.
    Michael S.
    Tyler is a very nice, down to earth guy. He listened to what I wanted, asked questions and gave a reasonable cost to paint existing siding, trim, porch and windows.His crew was very friendly and took good care not to damage house and yard. The house looks amazing and we’re getting lots of compliments.Michael and Janet SkatesHome: 422 W. Broadway Ave., BA
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    Taylor worked very hard on getting my painting done. And painted more than what I expected. A very good job done
    Tyler H.
    Most professional and pleasant company I have ever used. On time, great communication, fantastic work, and very reasonable prices. They are honest and take pride in their work. Will definitely be using them again. I used Christian Brothers in the past and it was a nightmare. Tyler Hoffman is so much better in every way possible. Even slightly considering someone else is a mistake. You will not regret it. They go above and beyond in everything they do.
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    I’ve contracted with Tyler Hoffman Painting on two different jobs and been very happy with the results. They did complete interior painting on one house and repaired and painted damaged doors and walls on another home. The results were exceptional. The entire team is professional, efficient, proficient and pleasant to work with.
    Andy M
    Absolutely the best painters ever. They were on time exceptionally professional and we now have a new house. Just want to say thanks again to Tyler and his entire crew
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    Awesome company. The work is top notch!Their effort, attitude and integrity is something that is hard to find these days. Always a pleasure to work with.
    I had them paint several rooms, doors, and trim. They did an excellent job! The crew was very personable and cared about doing a good job. That is very refreshing! Tyler delivers quality and is very responsive to text messages.
    Alex B.
    My wife and I purchased a home in owasso and received estimates from 4 different painters to have the interior painted before move in.Tyler had the best customer service and really stood out with helping get the job at our budget. His crew is 100% insured and bonded. The work was 100% satisfactory and he followed up a couple days after to answer any questions we had. His work also came with a great warranty. He accommodated our schedule and worked with us to complete the project within 4 days.Lastly, he helped with choosing a paint color and made sure we were happy with our choice before completing the project.
    Kim M.
    Tyler and his team did a great job painting the exterior of our house. They performed very nice high quality work and my home looks beautiful. Tyler was easy to contact regarding the planning and scheduling of the project and knowledgeable about his craft. They were professional and friendly with noticeably high integrity throughout the job. I highly recommend Tyler and his team for your next paint project.
    Nathan T.
    Tyler and his crew are very pleasant people! We have had them do two painting projects at our house, and have been pleased with their quality, professionalism, and response to questions we have had. Tyler has charged us fair prices, and is kind and personable.
    Regina B.
    Tyler Hoffman was very courteous and professional, he did an outstanding and beautiful job on our exterior painting, he also pressure washed it before painting and the material is the upmost quality, it has been over a year and it still looks new, my husband and I love it and we would highly recommend Tyler Hoffman Painting LLC and we will be using again for our interior painting. Very friendly and helpful young man. Also gifted at color coordinating and will help you find your colors and match them. Highly recommend.
    Rod A.
    Painted 2000 lf of my outdoor pipe rail fence at my ranch. I couldn’t be happier. The work was first rate. Tyler put a lot of effort in selecting the right paint for the job. His crew is super polite and strive to make sure you are satisfied. Check out his website. Everything promised on it is carried out to the letter. You absolutely cannot go wrong with this company. Give them a call. You’ll be glad you did.
    Vickie U.
    Courteous and professional. Painting my exterior, mesh screened-in back porch without getting a single drop on the screen. Completely satisfied with the work performed. Highly recommend.
    Cami V.
    Tyler’s crew did a great job painting the exterior of my house! Highly recommend.
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    My husband and I both own small businesses so we understand the value and integrity of the service quality Tyler’s crew provides. We’ve had them paint our businesses (interior) and our home (exterior). We highly recommend Tyler. The work was phenomenal and matched by his professionalism, integrity and reasonable pricing.
    Pancho V.
    Very happy with the quality and speed. Highly recommend.
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    Tyler and his entire team did a professional, timely, and high-quality job painting the exterior of my house. It looks fantastic - just like new!
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    Very professional, great pricing and awesome work! Tyler Hoffman Painting is the only company I will be using from now on. Hands down, the best in the business!
    A K
    Tyler & his crew painted the exterior of my home. They did a great job at a competitive and fair price. I was very specific about how and what I wanted done. Tyler & his crew completed everything that I requested in full, on time, and with a smile! I was very impressed from start to finish with their responsiveness, time management, and attention to detail. I will certainly be calling Tyler again for my next paint project.
    Mike B.
    We have been using Tyler Hoffman Painting at CityPlex Towers in Tulsa for several years now. Always great to work with and does a fantastic and timely job! Thanks for all the great work guys!!!
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    Tyler and his crew were very professional and did a great job. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with their work. Highly recommend!
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    Tyler Hoffman Painting did an amazing job on our interior. Great customer service and communication. Will definitely call them again for future jobs.
    Haleigh L.
    Tyler Hoffman and his crew did an outstanding job on our house and stained concrete. Very thorough and detailed. I highly recommend them.
    Sue O.
    I can’t say enough. Tyler and crew were fantastic from the start. For the estimate, Tyler and his wife were thorough, ask detailed questions and made great suggestions. When we were told 2 days for five rooms to be painted and one ceiling refinished with mud then paint, I thought , No Way. The crew arrived and got straight to work. They were a joy to be around. At the end of the second day, they were cleaning up and the results were awesome! Tyler Hoffman Painting has been added to my contact list. I will definitely have them back the next time I need any painting done.
    joe B.
    Great job,Tyler kept me informed on the process and finished ahead of the projected time.Great person to work with.
    Stacy F.
    Tyler and his team did an amazing job on the exterior of our house and pergola. Friendly team. Hard workers.Could not have asked for a better experience. I look forward to using them when we decide to paint the interior!!
    Quality Building Maintenance, L.
    I have worked with Tyler for about 2 years. He has completed commercial and residential jobs for my company. Tyler operates his company at the highest level of integrity and quality. I know when I turn the job over it will be completed in a timely manner and a quality job. I highly recommend him for any of your painting needs
    Ben B.
    Tyler was easy to work with and straightforward. His crew was a fun group and very thorough. Will use him again.
    When we bought our house five years ago the original patio had been painted. Later we added an additional 200 ft.² of patio but there was a considerable difference in color as you could imagine. Tyler Hoffman’s painting crew did a fabulous, fabulous job of painting/staining the entire 400 ft.². Will use Tyler‘s crew again to paint the fence as well as exterior of the home.
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