Exterior Staining


New wood that is left unprotected naturally turns grey and is susceptible to warping and decay. Protect your investment by staining. Staining prevents mold and mildew, protects against UV rays, and waterproofs the wood. Staining will bring your project back to life and extend the life of the wood. Exterior areas to consider for staining are fences, decks, pergolas, wood siding, and any other specialty projects.

Our Process:

Pressure wash- When we do any exterior service, we always start with a clean and dull surface. This is achieved by using the power of pressure and water combined and never any chemicals. Masking- We cover any areas that stain may come in contact with including metal posts, bricks, plants, etc. Spray-Since modern day water-based stains are just as effective (if not more) as oil-based stains, we can start the staining process almost immediately. We start by shooting all of the angles with a spray machine. Back Roll- After spraying the stain we use a process called "back rolling." This is a process that massages the material into all of the nooks and crannies to ensure an even coating that will last.

What are the benefits of staining?

  • Protects from graying, warping and wood decay.
  • Enhances wood's natural charm
  • Extends the life of the wood
  • Reduces mildew and avoid wood rot
  • Provides lasting protection against moisture, algae, and UV damage

How often should I stain my fence or wood area?

In most cases, exterior wood areas should be stained every 3-5 years. The lifetime of the stain is dependent on several factors including:

  • Opacity of the stain
  • Direct or indirect exposure to sunlight
  • The type of wood